Greg Urban, Developer, Support, Leader, Founder

Greg founded UrbanPressed in 2020 and with the help of our talented team UP has been building stellar software and illustrating designs that are breathtaking across all mediums and platforms.

In 2008 Greg took the leap from corporate sales to small business and has helped design or build logic behind many applications and products related to mobile billing. Software you might be familiar with was used with our partner company Validas in their Sprint’s Cut Your Bill in Half campaign that netted an incredible ROI for both customer and carrier. 

As a data analyst for Validas, Greg wrote a 100k query program that read and categorized large mobile bills in Microsoft Excel. Since then, that base code has been transposed into various languages and licensed across various platforms and customers. 

Microsoft Excel was his introduction to coding languages like SQL, MYSQL, PHP, React, Javascript. This skill has been incredibly helpful in the software industry as a lot of businesses need to translate their Excel files into code. Whether it’s an inventory list that needs to be imported into WooCommerce, or dare we say an artificially intelligent extension of your ideas, Excel has been and continues to be instrumental in staging any application.

Our goal is to help our business clients enhance their intellectual property through software, design, and sales support for your business.

Picture of Greg